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Buy my first home

No need for stressful bank meetings. Buying your first house can be a daunting process but don’t worry we can assist you all the way through to settlement and make your first buying journey a comfortable and relaxing experience.

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Invest in property

For the astute wealth builder. Investment loans are for those wishing to commence or build on their existing property portfolio.

Whilst access to a comprehensive product range is extremely important so is the level of advice due to the potential complexities of taxation issues etc.

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Can initially save thousands of dollars a year by re-financing. If you’re planning on moving house, renovating or looking for a different home loan option, refinancing offers a number of benefits with a range of refinancing options available.

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Single or multi-unit construction (residential)

Residential construction lending loans are available for the following purposes:
To build or renovate a residential property.
For owner occupied or investment purposes.

Each financier look at the residential construction loan differently that’s why JKK Solutions team is here to help with different client needs.

Construction loans are progressively drawn based on each stage of building construction, as per builders contract within a maximum term of 24 months of the first loan drawdown.

There are full doc and low doc options for residential construction loans.

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Buy commercial property

Commercial property can include any type of properties that are not residential. From factories to warehouses, offices to retail outlets, childcare centres to aged care centre, petrol stations to motels, JKK Solutions has proven expertise in all forms of commercial property finance and offers a comprehensive range of solutions including fixed term loans, variable loans and low doc finance.

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Buy new vehicle or equipment

JKK Solutions specialises in offering a range of solutions for the financing of motor vehicles, plant and equipment and asset finance from the purchase of a single motor car to a large truck or large scale heavy machinery and construction equipment.

Depending on the level of financial information you may be able to provide will determine what type of funding may be available for your particular needs.

We have exclusive access to a few major lenders with simple Express Policy (i.e. no doc options) for qualified customers and approval is within 2 business hours.

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Cover business costs

JKK Solutions provides finance options for business owners to assist with different finance needs during their trade cycle and to cover more immediate and day-to-day costs. It provides extra liquidity and let you grow your business and catch more business opportunities.

Products include but not limited to:
Trade finance
Debtor and invoice finance
Business overdraft

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Short-term finance

JKK Solutions provides finance options to small business that may sometimes struggle with cashflow or they may not meet the traditional bank requirement for the length of trading. At JKK Solutions, we can provide finance options to assist you to access immediate business costs up to $400,000 on unsecured basis. Funds will usually hit your bank account within 3 business days.

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Commercial development finance

The valuation is key! Engaging JKK Solutions early is the key! We always talk to the valuer before engaging them on behalf of our customers.

There are a few numbers to look out for in a commercial property report, this includes, but not limited to:
As if complete valuation (GST inclusive)
As if complete valuation (GST exclusive)
In one line valuation (GST inclusive)
In one line valuation (GST exclusive)
Project related site value (PRSV)

Not all lenders are the same when it comes to presales!
Not all lenders are the same when it comes to builder experiences!

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Start up a new business

Starting up a new business can be challenging and there are so many things to worry about. JKK Solutions can support you in terms of sourcing finance options so you don't have to be stressful. We will work with you around business plan, vendor financial, financial forecast together with accountants to assist you to secure your funding.

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Self-managed super fund loans

A SMSF can borrow funds for the purchase of income producing residential, retail, commercial, rural or specialised properties.

In essence a Security trustee will purchase the property on behalf of the SMSF and become the legal owner of the property holding it in trust for the SMSF (as beneficial owner).The SMSF will provide an equity contribution from the Superannuation Funds assets and borrow the balance of the money with an SMSF loan.

The SMSF loan is “limited recourse” meaning the SMSF lender cannot touch any of the SMSF’s assets other than the property held as security. In other words the rights of the SMSF lender against the SMSF in the event of the SMSF loan defaulting are limited to the security property.

JKK Solutions not only has access to the products of all funders offering such loans but can also provide access to both associated Financial Advisors and Accountants for any technical assistance as may be required.

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Successful stories

  • Date
        Local SME customers were seeking to obtain finance to purchase an equipment from overseas supplier. The application was sitting with their current lender for four months and there was not response from the lender. How team at JKK Solution helped our client We were referred to them by their accountant. After understand the timing of the funding need, we manage to approve an equipment finance facility with a major lender within 48 hours and was able to provide funding to customer to make purchase from overseas supplier within one week. The customer is very happy as the machine has significantly improved the efficiency and provide the, with the ability to create different sample accordingly to different customer needs. It had widen up their product range and improved their customer experience. Sales have since doubled and client is talking to us about their 2nd acquisition.  
  • Date
        Foreign investor purchased three commercial office for long term investment purpose. Seek to refinance to another lender for better interest rate.  Applicant owned the properties under his individual name. Due to the restricted lending guideline, applicant was struggled to find a lender who can assist. How team at JKK Solution helped our client Loan was approved with another major lender with competitive interest rate at 70% LVR.  The bank is also very comfortable with clients financial situation and thyme have also provide a pre-approval limit for the client’s residential home purchase.  It’s a great outcome for the client.  
  • Date
        Applicant, a registered builder had previously built and developed with similar scale.  His existing bank relationship promised to deliver but failed, simply because so-called owner builder situation. Customer was frustrated with the whole process. How team at JKK Solution helped our client We understand it’s a owner builder situation and we worked with the customer to understand the funding needs.  There is risk involved and we addressed the risk and we mitigate the risk. Loan was approved with another major lender with at 65% of total development cost (no fixed price contract in place).   We engaged the QS (Quantity Surveyors) earlier to address possible issues so all the external professionals (including valuer), our customer and the bank are on the same page. Customer is very happy and we are assisting them with their next development.  
  • Date
        Local customer has business opportunity to expand their second arm of the business. Required funding to assist to purchase stock and to have some cash flow funding gap to assist with their business everyday working capital. Existing banking can only assist with the half of the amount customer required and required both directors’ property as collateral. How team at JKK Solution helped our client We have in depth conversation with customer and have full understanding about their needs and their future plan.  We approved a facility with major lender as per their request to assist their stock purchases and their working capital funding gap. The new facility is purely supported by the the charge over the business without taking each director’s property as collateral.  
  • Date
        Customer had an opportunity to start a franchise business. Seeking to obtain a facility to assist with the cost to start up the business. Limited equity left with her existing property. Existing bank rejected her application due to being a greenfield site and lack of security being offered by the directors to the bank. How team at JKK Solution helped our client Customer approached us through friend referrer and got the chance to chat with our experienced adviser to assist with this opportunity.   Client has passion in her business and has working in the same industry for long time.  Our advisor took the time to fully understand the customer’s background, business plan, together with their projection of the business income.  Most importantly, the team took the time to understand all the assumptions behind the projection and have them presented to the bank. Our advisory also shared some key industry insight from their experiences and the client really appreciated it. Outcome The facility was approved on unsecured basis and without any supported guarantee from the director’s personal assets.  The servicing of the facility is based on projections and detailed assumptions behind the projections, rather than historical data.  

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