About us

JKK Solutions is an outstanding mortgage broking firm specialises in residential mortgage, commercial investment funding, commercial development funding, working capital funding and equipment finance.

The business was founded by three directors who have all worked in senior roles in the major banks for more than 10 years. They have extensive residential and commercial experience and have assisted thousands of customers to achieve their financial goals. The team has diversified experience in deal structuring and worked closely with accountants, financial planners, buyer advocates and solicitors. One of the directors is also a qualified Chartered Accountant who fully understand all the tax and accounting aspects of the business.

Given the strong banking background and networks that directors have built up over the past few years, the team at JKK Solutions are able to offer comprehensive finance solutions to all sorts of customer groups. We take time to understand our customer’s long term goals and we are very proud to be part of their journey. The team is passionate about what they do and how we can help our customer to achieve their dreams.